There’s a wealth of dining options in Northbrook that will satisfy any palette and all occasions.

Stop in at Charlie Beinlich’s for their burgers – it’s a North Shore favorite. For that special occasion, treat the family to a steak dinner at Morton’s or Ruth’s Chris. Francesca’s North, Next Door Bistro and Trattoria Oliverii all offer Italian fare with a flare. For breakfast, Georgie V’s and Butterfield Pancake House always have the coffee brewing and serve eggs cooked to perfection. Pair your dining experience with a bocce match at Pinstripes or live music at Landmark Inn. Many establishments offer private dining facilities.

Browns Chicken3147 Dundee847.480.7911WebMap It
Buffalo Wild Wings1018 Willow Road847.562.0333WebMap It
Butterfield's Pancake House & Restaurant4195 Dundee Road847.205.2588WebMap It
Charlie's Beinlich's290 Skokie Blvd.847.291.0420WebMap It
Connections (Sheraton Northbrook)1110 Willow Rd.847.480.1900WebMap It
Corner Bakery Cafe2290 Northbrook Court847.753.9665WebMap It
Georgie V's1137-39 Church St.847.753.9638Map It
Grill House3061 Dundee Rd.847.205.2200webmap
House 4061140 1/2 Church St.847.714.0200WebMap It
J. Alexander's Restaurant4077 Lake Cook Rd.847.564.3093WebMap It
Jar Bar1350 Shermer Rd.847.715.9367WebMap It
Josh's873 Sanders Rd.847.272.1177WebMap It
Landmark Inn1352 ShermerRd.847.559.1919WebMap It
Little Louie's Red Hots1342 Shermer Rd847.498.1033WebMap It
Lucky Fish on Shermer1349 Shermer Rd.847.715.9367webMap It
Maestro's Grill500 Anthony Trail847.272.8111WebMap It
Marcellos1911 Cherry Lane847.498.1500WebMap It
McDonald's2000 Skokie Blvd847.714.9537WebMap It
Meatheads Burgers and Fries1036 Willow Road, Ste. H.847.291.6608WebMap It
Michael's on Main5 Revere Dr.224.235.4503WebMap It
Morton's The Steakhouse699 Skokie Blvd.847.205.5111WebMap It
Neiman Marcus Zodiac Room1415 Northbrook CourtWebMap It
Pancetta (Renaissance Hotel)933 Skokie Blvd.847.498.6500WebMap It
Pinstripes, Inc.1150 Willow Road847.480.2323WebMap It
Prairie Grass601 Skokie Blvd.847.205.4433WebMap It
Ruth's Chris Steak House933 Skokie Blvd.847.498.6889WebMap It
Sportsman's Country Club3535 Dundee Rd.847.291.2351WebMap
The Claim Company2000 Northbrook Court847.291.9111WebMap It
Bin Hai757 Pfingsten Road847.291.1660WebMap It
Fujiyama Restaurant3057 Dundee Rd.847.714.1319Map It
Kamehachi1320 ShermerRd.847.562.0064WebMap It
P. F. Chang's Bistro1819 Lake Cook Rd.847.509.8844WebMap It
Ron of Japan633 Skokie Blvd847.564.5900WebMap It
Simply Thai761 Pfingsten Road847.509.8424WebMap It
Stir Crazy Cafe1186 Northbrook Ct847.562.4800WebMap It
Tong's Hunan Restaurant4145 Dundee Road847.480.1123WebMap It
Yee's Garden2750 Dundee847.498.4920webMap It
The Grind1401 North Shermer Road847.480.1046Map It
Starbucks820 Skokie Blvd.847.205.2561WebMap It
Starbucks1036 Willow Road847.205.2542WebMap It
Starbucks243 Skoke Blvd.847.509.1937WebMap It
Starbucks1290 Northbrook Court847.564.2368WebMap It
Starbucks1931 Cherry Lane847.498.4508WebMap It
Big Apple Bagels3137 Dundee Road847.498.7850WebMap It
Dairy Queen2770 Dundee Road847.498.2571WebMap It
Elliot's Off Broadway400 Skokie Blvd.847.205.0649WebMap It
Once Upon a Grill2758 Dundee Road847.562.1411Map It
Panera BreadSkokie Blvd. & Dundee Rd.Opening Soon
Potbelly Sandwich Works816 Skokie Blvd.847.291.6613WebMap It
Potbelly Sandwich Works984 Willow Road847.412.1760WebMap It
Subway300 Skokie Blvd.847.498.2040WebMap It
Subway1951 Cherry Lane847.480.9840WebMap It
Subway2286 Northbrook Court847.562.9810WebMap It
Subway4177 Dundee Blvd847.235.4638WebMap It
Subway2823 Dundee Road847.291.9880WebMap It
Upper Crust Bagels2831 Dundee Road847.559.9229WebMap It
Greek Feast2784 Dundee Road847.559.1901WebMap It
Roti Mediterranean Grill984 Willow Road847.418.2400WebMap It
Roti Mediterranean Grill798 Skokie Blvd.224.415.3651WebMap It
Barnaby's of Northbrook1022 Northbrook Court847.498.3900WebMap It
California Pizza Kitchen1515 Lake Cook Road847.897 5106WebMap It
Di Pescara2124 Northbrook Court847.498.4321WebMap It
Domino's Pizza1022 Waukegan Rd.847.205.0025WebMap It
Francesca's North1145 Church St.847.559.0260WebMap It
Francesco's Hole in the Wall254 Skokie Blvd.847.272.0155WebMap It
Jake's Pizza2722 Dundee Rd.847.498.6433WebMap It
Lou Malnati's Pizzeria1324 Shermer Road847.291.0250WebMap It
Marisa's Pizza4175 Dundee Road847.564.3010WebMap It
Next Door Bistro250 Skokie847.272.1491WebMap It
Piero's Pizza3125 Dundee Rd.847.498.5700WebMap It
Rosati's2833 Dundee Road847.498.4080WebMap It
Sarpino's1384 Meadow Road847.400.5400WebMap It
Tony & Bruno's2284 Northbrook Court847.498.4510WebMap It
Trattoria Oliverii1358 Shermer Road847.559.8785WebMap It
Chipolte Mexican Grill786 Skokie Blvd.847.559.9902WebMap It
Ice Cream & Snacks
Auntie Anne's2171 Northbrook Court847.509.1886WebMap It
Baskin-Robbins1346 Shermer Road847.498.4343WebMap It
Leonida's1348 Shermer847.686.0100WebMap It
Red Mango2171 Northbrook Court847.940.0200WebMap It
Graeter's Ice Cream1347 Shermer Rd.847.513.6540WebMap